10/02 [news] SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon to debut theatre career with “Cafe-in”

Credits: Newsen + allkpop
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SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon is rising as ‘Asia’s multi-entertainer’ after being cast for the leading male role in the musical “Cafe-in.”

“Caffeine” has already earned immense popularity simply because it was produced by actor Kang Ji Hwan, who has performed in the Japanese shows. “Cafe-in” is popular with audiences in their 20’s and 30’s for being a realistic and witty musical drawing comparisons between the romance of a man and a woman to coffee and wine.

Production company SH CREATIVE WORKS revealed, “Kim Hyung Joon will be performing in season 2 of ‘Caffeine’ with the support of Kang Ji Hwan.’”

Kim Hyung Joon begins singing rehearsals this week, and will perform by the end of 2010. He will also be going through physical training in order to keep up his stamina for the 100-minute-long performance.

Kim Hyung Joon stated, “This is my first musical and I feel that it’s an excellent blend of acting and singing. I’m also very nervous and excited as it is a work that has received much praise by musical critics. I’ll use my six years of experience as a background, and be working with the mindset of a rookie actor in order to put my passion and effort into doing my best. I want not only my fans, but my seniors as well to be proud of me.”

The producers of the musical praised Kim Hyung Joon, saying, “He’s shown great stage presence through various concerts as a singer. He’s also got exceptional dancing and singing skills, with handsome looks to boot. Kim Hyung Joon basically has everything a musical actor needs. Although it hasn’t been that long since practice has begun, we’ve fallen in love with his sincerity and passion.”

Kim Hyung Joon recently held his first solo fan-meeting in Singapore with 3,000 fans in attendance, and is receiving the courting calls of many Asian media companies.

“Cafe-in” will begin on November 24th.

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