10/02 [news] JungMin wish to work with Wei Li Ann (韦礼安)

Credits: udn.com + SS501 Baidu + English translations by rainaftershine.wordpress.com
Please credit properly when reposting


SS501 Park Jung Min signed a contract with Sony Music Taiwan on the 30th . During the press conference, the media asked him which singer he will like to collaborate with, Park Jung Min shyly said in Chinese ‘Wei Li Ann’ which makes the media not having any moment to react. After which, he also said Jay Chou and Wong Lee Hom.

Park Jung Min said ‘A fans gave me a Wei Li Ann’s CD and i find it very nice’. He also use Chinese to say ‘Wei Li Ann nice, good!’ And yesterday, he knew that he was being praised by Jung Min during the press conference, he was surprised and said ‘Huh? I didn’t know he will listen to my music, i thought he will prefer fast and upbeat song, really thank him.’

Jung Min planned to release a Chinese album in December, but Wei Li Ann will be going into army. He was asked if he will agree if Jung Min ask him to produce a song, Wei Li Ann smiled and said ‘Of course! I will also write it out when serving the army.’

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