09/28 [trans] HyungJun – Notice on JP fansite (About Fanclub’s name)

Credits: Hyung Jun’s Japanese official site + English translations by OnlyJun (kimhyungjun.net) + Quainte
Please don’t hotlink and please credit properly when reposting


Hello. This is Kim Hyung Jun JAPAN OFFICIAL FANCLUB’s administrator
It has been a week since the official opening of this Japan Fanclub website, so we have to decide on the name of the fanclub soon.

Hence, we will be collecting suggestions for the Fanclub’s name!

1. From the names suggested by fans, the administrators will pick the best 10. (Presents will be given to the 10 members whose suggestions are picked!)
2.From the 10 names, a poll will be conducted to pick the Top 3 choices. (Only official fansite members will be able to vote)
3. From the chosen 3 names, Kim Hyung Jun will choose the best entry and use it as the fanclub’s name!

The person’s submission that is finally picked will be given another present!
Every member! We look forward to receiving many submissions from you!

■ Collection Period
28 October ~ 17 November 2010!

■ Submission Procedure
Reply and leave a comment to the post left by [swave] in the Community page
Please explain the meaning of the suggested Fanclub’s name.
(You do not have to re-do if you have already send in by FAX)

■ Name list of the 10 chosen winners
Will be posted at the NEWS section on 18 October (Monday) 18:00

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