09/28 [news] SS501 Magnae Kim Hyung Jun to hold Fanmeeting at Taiwan NTU Sports Center

Repost with full credits.

Source: Warner Music Taiwan Facebook
Eng Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

SS501 Magnae Kim Hyung Jun to hold Fanmeeting on 24 Oct (Sun) at Taiwan NTU Sports Center
Tickets available first from Warner (TW) Online Store on 1 Oct (Fri), from 2 Oct (Sat) ERA tickets stystem will be opened for purchase
[Young brother-in-law] Kim Hyung Jun betray Leader Kim Hyun Joong to get gradually closer to [Sister-in-law]!?
Kim Hyung Jun to become MC with rising popularity


This year Hallyu wave is hitting Taiwan strongly! After a quick trip to Taiwan for the Golden Melody awards, under the keen anticipation of fans [SS501] Magnae Kim Hyung Jun confirmed to hold (I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! 1st International Fan Meeting Tour ) at Taiwan NTU Sports Center on 24 October (Sunday)! Limited tickets will be available from 1 Oct (Fri) at Warner Online Store at a first come first serve basis, 2 Oct (Sat) tickets will be available from ERA Tickets. Kim Hyung Jun’s new show where he would be one of the MCs will be broadcasted soon, however, he is keeping himself busy by flirting with [Sister-in-law] Hwang Bo!? Actually both will be co-hosting the new program ‘Midnight idols’, in order develop better chemistry, both often tweet to each other merrily, hence becoming closer. When replying, Kim Hyung Jun even acted impolitely teasing [Sister-in-law] and making her happier!

[SS501] Kim Hyung Jun confirmed to grant fans’ wishes to visit Taiwan again after Golden Melody Awards, to hold his (I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! 1st International Fan Meeting Tour) on 24 October 7pm at Taiwan NTU Sports Center. Tickets are priced at 3 different categories of 2800 TWD, 2500 TWD and 2300 TWD, with a total of 2000 tickets. Fans who bought the 2800TWD and 2500 TWD will receive Taiwan Limited Edition ‘Kim Hyung Jun’s Message Magnet’. Fans who bought tickets will stand a chance to win 4 large hanging poster scroll on the actual day.

[I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! 1st International Fan Meeting Tour] tickets purchase:

-1 Oct (Fri) 12noon, Warner online store (http://www.warnermusic.com.tw/store£©within 22hrs, 156 limited tickets for [Official Site member]. These are Golden Tickets to be purchased online

-2 Oct (Sat) 12noon, tickets to be sold at ERA tickets

Kim Hyung Jun who has recently completed his Fanmeeting in Singapore, appeared to be very happy to be able to visit his fans in Taiwan again after attending Golden Melody Awards. Even though he finds it hard to adapt to perform alone on stage initially, but with fans cheering for him offstage, Kim Hyung Jun promised to leave good memories for fans at his Fanmeeting. At the Fanmeeting, Kim Hyung Jun will be singing a few of his solo songs, and other than showcasing his singing prowess, he will showcasing his other talents, by drawing portraits of lucky fans on stage, and there will be chances for fans to come closer to him. Taking pictures together, handshakes, hugs are all OK, hence tickets are definitely worth the price!

The very busy [Brother-in-law] Kim Hyung Jun recently have been chatting with [Sister-in-law] Hwang Bo to develop deeper feelings? Actually it is because Kim Hyung Jun’s overwhelming popularity, he has been receiving invites to attend TV variety shows, besides the radio broadcast ‘Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High’, now he will be co-hosting a new show ‘Midnight Idols’ with Hwang Bo, Eun Ji Won and others. The hosting group is made up of Korean POP Senior Idols while guests will make up of the newer generation of Idols. In order to have develop better working chemistry with Hwang Bo, Kim Hyung Jun ‘followed’ Hwang Bo on Twitter and both started chatting frequently on Twitter. There was once when Kim Hyung Jun appeared at the studio for recording but he was busy tweeting with Kim Kyu Jong instead. This was found out by Hwang Bo and was asked to visit the waiting room for a greeting, but Kim Hyung Jun replied Hwang Bo with [I dont want! Hwang Bo noona], together with a text signifying a mischievous face. From their funny texts, it is evident that both have already become closer!

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