09/17 [trans] JungMin’s Press Conference

Credits: Asian-hana.com + English translations by saylalala@quainte501.com
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Park Jung Min (SS501) Press Conference

17th September 2010

Asia’s representing idol, SS501’s Park Jung Min had on 17th of September had at the Tokyo ANA Intercontinental hotel held a press conference and talked regarding his future Japanese activity plans. It had been a month since his last visit to Japan. Last night, Jung Min said “I ate delicious Japanese dishes at a slightly high-class yakitori (Japanese dish) shop ” When he heard the owner asking whether it was it delicious or not, he answered “because it high-class (laughs)” with a nod and with a smile captured, it was already an explosion of Jung Min’s world!! “When I go to Japan, it is a place I always go to. I lived the SS501 members for half a year in an apartment in Tamachi. The neighbourhood’s ramen shop was also good and it was the place where the river could be seen best and most. Everyone (in a cute tone), let’s meet at Tamachi station!” Having becoming fluent in Japanese with his witty talk and superb jokes running continuously, is this a press conference?! Or a talk show!? In the midst of not understanding, a roar of laughter started in the press conference.


And from Jung Min, an announcement of big news was made. “Today, my fanclub opens! The URL is simple. www Park Jung Min dot JP. Everyone, please enter~!” For some reason, it was quite Kennichi Mikawa-like (laughs) as seen from above “Please enter~!” when said repeatedly, the press box was surrounded by laughter. Furthermore “on December 22nd and 23rd, a fanmeeting has been decided to be held! Please come-!! Everyone clap!” This time clapping was requested. (Jung Min said to) the press who applauded in a rush “Congratulations for such timing! And to clap is a Japanese etiquette. Please learn it!” He had lightly preached (laughs).

About the fanmeeting, it seems to have yet have a concrete program decided but, “I want to get close and in contact with the fans. My catch phrase is the number one man being held. If being held once, my goal is to become a man who is unforgotten so I wonder if a hug meeting is good idea~” A pleasing remark to fans that suddenly came out.

After this was a question and answer session, please look at the Q&A. At the time of the reporter’s questions, at first hearing a name, for example if it was Suzuki-san (san is an honorific used to address someone politely) he would do things like wave his hands and greet “Suzukicha~n” (Chan is usually used for close friends or to sound cute) and pointing to the cameraman who doesn’t laugh when a joke was said, “It is only that person that is not laughing at all. Even though you are holding the camera, don’t take pictures” he would complain, the interview was completely at Jung Min’s pace. In the presence of the management in Japan who is in charge, Yamaha A&R’s manager Sumii Junichi would also be called “Junchan” (laughs) and so forth, it was the completely charming Jung Min.


Q. What type of women do you like?
“Basically a mature woman. Someone who will wrap me up (I think he means someone who will embrace him), someone who is interesting and someone who I can walk together with in life is nice. Japanese women? I like them. However, I think going to different countries, people from different countries have their respective packages. Those who like me, please become mature (laughs)”

Q. Your Japanese is good. Do you have any improvement points for language studies?
“Rather than the language study, because the people of a country are liked, I want to understand what it is that is said. For the sake of Korean language studies, please come to like Korean people. That way, in that case I am happy (in a cute tone).”
*A very profound talk and yet, “happy” then became “happee” (cute way of saying happy) was said jokingly so he may have been embarrassed.


Q. What is the reason for your interest in fashion?
“Because I am a performer, for the sake of portraying myself in an attractive manner, I think about and became interested in (Western-style) clothing. My favourite fashion is those that cover my flaws and yet are fun to wear.”

Q. You’ve become considerably slim haven’t you?
“I’m on a diet and have lost 7~8 kilograms. Everyday, I exercise and I tried my best without eating the foods I wanted to eat, but I could do the diet so I’m glad! Right now, each day I hope to eat delicious things once. At this moment, what I am waiting for the most is goma suiton (flour dumplings with sesame seeds). In sesame soup, the suiton is able to float but it is sweet and delicious. Sesame is also good for the brain. If you have children, please feed them (sesame).”
*Whether it be the diet results, it was the Jung Min who was also knowledgeable about the circumstances of nutrition.

Q. What is your stress reduction method?
“I am the type that can relieve my stress, at that place. When I’m angry, I explode in anger and when I feel disgusted, I burn and vent out my irritations, I don’t build up my stress. By doing that the body feels better, doesn’t it?”

Q. What do you do on your days off?
Recently, I have no days off…… because the solo activities have been decided, I have lessons for singing, drama and exercise, everyday I’m busy. If I was given a day off, what would I do? I want to be with you (laughs)!”
*So the who reporter said “This was unfortunate that it could not be broadcasted on TV” kept being embarrassed.


Q. Have you decided on a fanclub name?
“Not yet. I wonder if ‘Women I want to embrace’ taken in acronyms as DO is okay (laughs)” (dakaretai – wanting to embrace, onatachi – women)

Q. In Japan, who do you want to co-star with?
“I like Japanese dramas and often watch it but I can’t think of anyone specific that comes to mind. I want to make an effort to have them say that they want to co-star with me. In the future, I want to go and try a Japanese drama. Because I like talking, I want to go on a variety show. “

About his future schedule, this time’s Japanese interview continues, on the last third of September in a press conference in Taiwan and in November, he’ll be releasing his CD single in Korea. Besides that, from the 18th of November, he will be acting in the musical “Bonds~Boys be ambitious”. On the 22nd and 23rd of December, his first fanmeeting in Japan will be held and in the Spring of 2011, he will be filming a drama in Taiwan…… Besides that, in the future marks, he will be working on his solo album in Korea, a release throughout Asia, acting in a Korean drama and seemingly plans like that. Jung Min is studying Chinese as he is preparing for activities in the Chinese range. Activities that involve travelling all over Asia can also be expected.


◆Park Jung Min’s official fanclub
17th September Semi-open http://www.parkjungmin.jp
Early November Full open

(c) yamaha

◆Play “Bonds~ Boys be ambitious”
November 18th – 23rd New national theatre, sponsored by Fuji TV.
Lead, from The Takarazuka Revue Company’s Ayaki Nao, and the topic of hot young actors and the theme of bonds is developed images・performances・music ・dance ・action are all united and put together for an entertainment stage where Park Jung Min stars in the friendship. The OB protagonists who go back to high school for a former farewell party, overflowed with an introduction of an appealing performance and a traditional Korean exchange student, (Park Jung Sol) playing the role.

(c) yamaha

◆Park Jung Min 1st Fanmeeting Japan 2010 “Christmas Special”
<Schedule ・Meeting Place>
December 22nd (Wed) NHK Osaka Hall 1st session opening 14:00 starting 15:00 / 2nd session opening 18:00 starting 19:00
December 23rd (Thurs) Tokyo JCB Hall 1st session opening 14:00 starting 15:00 / 2nd session opening 18:00 starting 19:00
8800 Yen (Tax included)
Member pre-sales October 1st (Fri) 12:00~ 8th (Fri) 23:59
※ Fanclub registrations are accepted starting from September 17th at 2:00pm http://www.parkjungmin.jp/

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